Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Old is Always New

Lucky me got the new Free People catalogue in the mail about a week ago. I really like this one as all the clothes remind me of what I wore in high school and college-actually what I still wear!

I love Free People's clothes, but whoah, they are expensive. I found my super soft and worn men's Levi's at Goodwill, my cotton lace tops at thrift stores and my black work boots at the shoe carnival(in the smallest men's sizes). I made my own beaded jewelry and braided my own hair.

I was also lucky to have Grandmothers and Great Aunties who kept all their fabulous clothing from the 1930s and 40s. Her is my Grandmother Gingie in her High School Granduation photo. I loved this dress she is wearing! It is a butterscotch coloured check cotton. My other Grandmother, Nonnie, had a dress in a similar colour and check but it had several ruffles along the bottom and on the sleeves. She wore it to her High School Prom. My mom got it out for me and it fit perfectly. So, I wore it to a High School Dance and my Nonnie was so happy.

I hope I have a few pieces of clothing that someone in the future will want to wear(I only have nephews but who knows? My Great Aunt Fagella from Russia was one of my true loves and I have many of her favourite pieces-maybe I will be someone's 'Fagella'). Until then, I will try to keep adding to my collection!

My Auntie Fagella in the 1920s and another look I loved from the catalogue.


KatinkaPinka said...

wow! i didn't even know free people had a catalog....i will have to check that out.

those pictures are great...and the similarities between the two at the top are amazing!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I think they've been rifling through your old family photos! Auntie Fagella is super fantastic, what a great gal!

And now I've just spend 1000 hours over on the FP site. If I had the wallet and the body of Paris Hilton I'd buy them out- this season is really cute. But like you said- it's a cheap look to get when you use your own street smarts. Like us! We're the ones they follow you know, they're spying on us, checking us out...ripping us off. :P

Heather said...

Ok! Girl, we need to get to know our sewing machines and MAKE this stuff...I need that catalog, Im sure I cant afford any of it though...I wonder if there is a place that makes vintage patterns???

RowanDevoe said...

tasha pixie,
there are tons of vintage patterns out there! i used to use the vintage pieces from the museum to help make patterns for historic reenactment museums. you need to get the catalogue just for inspiration! the prices are ridiculous, but i swear i wore outfits like this for nothing! it can be done! ok, need to get my sewing machine fixed!