Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snow White is Here!

"Snow White" has always been my favourite Fairy Tale.  The Brothers Grimm Version, not the Disney One.  I am excited that the new Movie is out in Theatres now! If it doesn't turn out to be a great movie,  it will hopefully be full of fantastic visuals-the sets and costumes.
For each of my photographs, I create my own environments, costumes and do my own hair and makeup.  They are all about making a story and character come to life(even if I get myself into some tricky situations sometimes.  I need to change that sentence to *dangerous* situations and *most of the time*.  I tell myself, 'Never again!', but then I forget.). 
I have some new self-portrait photographs in my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe Arts that go with this theme of "Snow White".
 Above is "Snow White Sleep".  I built my own Glass Coffin just for this photograph. Getting in and out of it for the 10 second timer was not an easy thing.  I am really thankful that no one sees what goes on behind my self-portrait photographs.
Here is a detail of the photograph

Another Version in my Shop, "The Glass Coffin".  I love the Tudor Rose detail at the top of the leaded glass.
Above is "Veiled Queen" which is also in my Shop.  Could she perhaps be the Evil Queen?  If you want her to be, then sure!
Hope all is well with you folks in blogland!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Magical Mystical said...

I love these photos... kudos for the incredible glass container shot -- can't believe you did it with 10 sec timer :D

RowanDeVoe said...

Thank you so much Magical Mystical! I have found that you can accomplish a lot in 10 seconds-who knew? :)