Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Photograph in my Etsy Shop! This time, there is the Apple~

I just added a new photograph to my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe ArtsI am still editing all types of photographs and trying to get them in my shop, but this recent one is back on the "Snow White" theme and I am jumping and running into place to beat the 10 second timer. I think I am going to add a rating, from 1-10, on how hard beating the timer was for each photograph I post. 
Everyone seems to like the new movie "Snow White and the Huntsman".  I haven't seen it(I don't really go out to the Cinema), but I have had a few Treasuries using my other Snow White photographs so I thought I should just throw them all in.  I took them at different times and for different reasons.  What would little me think if she saw grown up me getting to wear all these gorgeous gowns and crowns?  She would flip!
Here is "Snow White With The Apple"
I am afraid that the poisonouss apple has been bitten by poor Snow White.  She is headed down to her deep sleep.  No worries though! All is well in the end-right?
A detail of the Apple
Face Detail-Pale Face-that's right! I'm wearing a Circlet by Jen Parrish of Parrish Relics.  LOVE my RELICS! Jen is lovely, amazing, incredibly talented and most of all, patient. You have to be to do the fine, detailed work that she does with her Jewelry.
OK, I have admit that I am trying to create a new look for my blog and what I have going on now just looks, well, it is not it!  I will figure it out, but I need to get off the computer.  I have given myself a huge headache from looking at this crazy blog I have created and editing more photographs for Etsy-all great things though!
Please take care!
With Loving Kindness,

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