Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Headpieces

I have finally got my beads out and have made a few new headpieces. One is in Peacock colours and the other is in Golds and Purples. I am making these for commissions and to sell at an upcoming art fair. I also have new necklaces to make which I need to photograph. Little by little I am working on my art-even if it is just little stuff. My headpieces are being modeled by my dear "Miss Havisham"-she has done great work for me for a long time. And, there are photos of friends wearing my headpieces(they are fun to wear everyday if you want to feel like a Fairy!) and a photo of my vials filled with pixie dust and sealed with red wax-all ready to be made into necklaces.


Heather said...

so pretty! you make such beautiful things, love the wedding pics :)

RowanDevoe said...

thanks! the first photo is of my friend heidi's wedding. it was in september and the colours were leaf green, orange, and poppy red. she carried boutquet of deep gold and red sunflowers with lots of bright green. so, i made her headpiece to match all of that. her gown was amazing-it was a pale gold with tons of beadwork and her bridesmaids wore black gowns-i made necklaces for them similar to her headpiece. it was a ton of fun!