Thursday, May 29, 2008

more with the plaques

I have spent most of the day hammering tacks into the sides of my plaques-the most boring thing ever! Now I need to get the sawtooths on the back but I am sick of hammering so I am going to organize beads and work on some jewelry now. It has been a hard couple of weeks. I have to question so many things and it seems that I am not getting much done. I did get some new glittery eye makeup as I want to do some new Fairy Tale photographs done. I need to call up all of my old models though-I am out of pratice with my photography. The last series I did and exhibited was for El Dia de Los Muertos(the Day of the Dead) last year! It was for the months of October and November. I usually do black and whites so it was fun to experiment with colour and the candle light. Here are a few. I sold all of the photographs in this series but kept the one of my little daughter cat, Sister Bijou, because she looks just too gorgeous! She is a sweetheart for sure! Which brings up my next big job-I have been combing and combing out all my little cats' winter coats. They all 4 need baths. They are really good about it, I still not looking forward to it! Wish me luck.


CarrieEllen ArtStudio said...

I love your style. Your dolls are Beautiful!! I did a piece of art that was on El Dia de Los Muertos
(The Day Of The Dead) too. it was soooo Much fun to do. Good luck on your Art.:)

RowanDevoe said...

Thank you! I would love to see your dia de los muertos piece-i will have to check out your blog. I am going to post photos of some of my past altars-I like making them big and I incorporate my dolls, paintings, prints and found objects in them.
take care!

CatHerder said...

great that Glas? Which kitty is it?

RowanDevoe said...

Thanks-that is the only little daughter cat Sister Bijou!