Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Tudor Lady Paintings

With all the craze over "The Tudors" on showtime and with the book to movie "The other Bolyn Girl", I decided to do some paintings of Tudor-ish women. Here they are!
And, Heather of did a trade for a Tudor lady painting. The one she did for me is of 2 sisters and I love it! I finally found a frame for it and will get some photos when I get it framed and hung up.


CatHerder said...

Hi Merle...its me SalemsMom..i have a blogger too...i will put you on my links list....great pics!!!!!

RowanDevoe said...

Hi! Great to see you here(and dear Sushi). i will add you to my links list too!
take care,merle

Heather said...

these ladies are so gorgeous and powerful and lovely. I am so happy we did a Tudor Exchange!

RowanDevoe said...

i am too! i found a great shadowbox for the "sisters" you sent me. i just need to gild it and then i can hang them up! i am glad you like the lady i sent you. i wanted to make her in browns and pinks like baby fae's room.