Monday, May 14, 2012

What is Up in My Shop!

Hello folks in Blogland!  Wow, I am posting again so soon.  Watch out!  I have added new photographs to my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe Arts and wanted to show all of you some bits of them.  To see the full photograph, visit my shop.  I promise it will be fun! You know how I do love to tell stories.

Above is a bit of one...Pomegranate?

This piece belongs to another...cury red hair? But who's? Why?

Do I spy a wax seal? Very Mysterious...

WOWZA! I have no idea what that glittery shoe is all about!

This little piece is reminding me a bit of
this famous painting by J.W. Waterhouse.  I wonder what that is all about?

More to come.  I may even surprise myself with another post this week!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.


Ivy Long, Edera Jewelry said...

Lots of beautiful photos, Merle! I love the small sneak peeks--they definitely make you want to go and see the whole image (and story) in your shop :) xoxo

RowanDeVoe said...

Thanks Ivy! I am trying to get it all worked out. I am working on my blog and thinking about some other new ideas for all of this-whew!