Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Photographs in My Etsy Shop-Memories of Spring and Summer Past

I have 2 new self-portrait photographs in my Etsy Shop.  They both are about favourite things in my life that have and will always show up in my art.  The first one is about my favourite flower-ROSES!
Above is "The Roses".  My favourite colours are the deep pinks and lavenders(when you can find those).  I love the smell, texture and shape of roses and how well they dry.  I love getting dozens of them and making head wreaths. I grew up with friends who had the most amazing Rose Gardens-unbelievable Roses the size of a dinner plate!  You could smell them miles away! Again, the Pre-Raphaelite Artist and Art Nouveau Era have both inspired me.
Above is "Robins Egg, Berries, Chocolate".  I took this portrait in the middle of winter when I was snowed in-no fresh flowers so I turned to other favourites things-pretty ribbons and anything sparkly.  I love the beginning of Spring and finding the broken shells of Robin's Eggs.  There is something so magical about that colour!  I just can't get enough of it.  It must be genetic as my Mom LOVES it and her Mother did as well.  I have had this gorgeous piece of Vintage Silk Robin's Egg Blue with a bit of green trim ribbon forever so I tied it around my red hair.
I grew up in the country and loved picking all the different wild berries to make cobblers, short cake and more.  The first to ripen were the little strawberries and then black and raspberries.  My sister gave me this sparkly barrette in those colours so I added it to my hair.
The last ribbon I added was the Soft Chocolate velvet one.   Just looking at it again in the photograph makes me want to eat some chocolate right now!  We made ice cream the old fashioned way-with an ice cream churn-when I was little.  Chocolate was a favourite!
Hope all of you folks in Blogland are enjoying your Spring/Soon to be Summer so far.  Take care!

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