Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Under All This Rubble...

Postcard for the "Images Through the Looking Glass" show at the Ashland Gallery. This is a self portrait that I was surprised they used for the postcard-I think the stripes did it. And yes, my legs are freaky as well as stripey.

The 2 shows that I am a part of will both be opening this 13, November Friday night and I am still not ready. Somehow, I ended up making paintings and new small dolls for one and photographs, and jewelry for another. None of that sounds very hard to do, but everything I do takes forever-as in 300 steps or more and I have to have tons of supplies. I am buried under all the rubble for now and I just can't care(though I would love a clean house-just the studio just moved to include the whole house). I am almost ready but so slow! I am also starting to feel really sick so I need to just keep on going and get everything done. My nights are spent setting up the shows and getting more bits and bobs made. What am I doing? I have no idea.

I also thought it would be great to have really bright red hair instead of my regular blah red hair so I got some fire-something manic panic and just kind of poured it on my head in the shower because I will never find the time to actually dye my hair-ever. Well, I didn't see any difference, but at one of the galleries today, the director who is a nice and really funny guy asked me, "Hey, what did you do to your hair? It looks really cool!". So, I told him about the manic panic and he said, "Wow, I just don't understand how you got your hair to be one colour on the left and a completely different colour on the right. That's really cool!". Um, wow, I don't know how I did that either-hehe! My best friend happened to be in the gallery with me and she burst out laughing so hard-she is NEVER going to let that one go and I don't blame her. Hopefully I will get some photos and hopefully I will try to look in a mirror and learn to schedule hair appointments but don't hold your breath.

So, wow, I have missed a ton of stuff in blogland! I will be back. I have things to do after these shows are finally up! Hope all is well with everyone!

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allison said...

oh! when we want to do a lot of things at the same time! I understand you completely!!! :)
I wish you all the best for your shows and congratulations. and the postcard for the show is wonderful . You know that is one of my favorites photos!
hugs :)