Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Movie "Bright Star" and Ashley Lebedev Photography-Please Read and Vote!

Ashley's photographic self-portrait called "Gracianaughta"
which she described "is a made up word that symbolizes everything "beautiful" so to speak and was inspired by the reason I am writing and posting this."

Hi all! I am doing this post because an incredibly talented photographic self-portrait artist named Ashley Lebedev has entered a contest which is part of the movie "Bright Star" directed by Jane Campion and stars Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw and tells the story Poet John Keats in 1818 and his secret love affair with
the outspoken, student of fashion and girl next door Fanny Brown.

This movie combines so many of my favourite things-costume drama, poetry, hand written letters which take such time and care, beautiful sweeping photographic images-all of which make me think of Ashley's photography. It is lush, deep imagery, which is visually poetic. Each photograph tells it's own story and takes you to a new and magical world. Check out her website HERE. You can also visit her blog HERE .

Below, Ashley has written out how she made her poem/letter and wrote it and how she became a finalist. If she wins, she will receive a ring which she will trade in to finally have a camera worthy of the amazing photographs that she takes. I am truly amazed at the photographs that she has been able to take with a camera that has been on the the fritz for so long! I can't wait to see what she could do with a camera that really works! Plus, here poem is gorgeous and it is gorgeous, I seriously want to start writing letters like these to everyone.

The link to the movie's website and where you can go to vote on Ashley's love letter is HERE.

So, From Ashley~

PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE THING before voting. Voting is here: http://www.brightstar-movie.com/contest/


Alright FRIENDS AND FAM!!!! My lips have been sealed.
Here's the backstory. This photo above, entitled: "Gracianaughta" (a made up word that symbolizes everything 'beautiful' so-to-speak) was inspired by the reason I am writing and posting this.

THE MOVIE 'BRIGHT STAR'. <--- Not only was this movie my favorite movie of ALL TIME, but I also entered, after seeing the film, a hand made love letter contest sponsored by the movie, and it's website! About 3 weeks after entering the "Be My Bright Star Love Letter Contest", which was a nationwide call to the public, I got a call from a man in New York telling me I was a finalist for my writings, and presentation of the letter. HERE IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP!!! The letter has been photographed, and put onto the movies official site, and is open to the PUBLIC FOR VOTING FOR JUST A FEW DAYS! The PUBLIC (and I am seriously hoping and wishing my network of friends will cast a vote) DECIDES THE WINNER. Yesterday, when I looked at all the finalists' hand made love letters, including my own, I was very impressed and proud of the writings (this is the first poem I've EVER shared publicly, and you can read it) but was a bit disheartened to see that in photographing mine, they left out a TON of the presentation. So in this post, I wanted to share how I made the letter, in hopes to give those of you that might have a moment to vote what it all looked like. So here goes... I wrote the poem on handmade, antiqued parchment with a quill, and ink (a task in itself) and folded the letter in the old fashion (into itself). I then fashioned an envelope to house my poem out of beautiful bright red and yellow fall leaves that i gathered at a park and sealed them with dripping waxes, and an old press to hold it all together. After the envelope of leaves was made, I sewed it into a more sturdy holder made from vintage cloth and laces, and finally, it was held together by twine. I spent days on this project, and I wrote the poem myself. The prize is a $5,000 dollar ring, which I was hoping to trade in (after 3 and 1/2 years of waiting) for a better camera. Can you believe I am still working on an entry level DSLR, with a broken sensor?... It's time. IF YOU HAVE TIME. IF I'VE INSPIRED YOU WITH MY WORK... Please take a moment to vote. It would mean the world to me. HERE'S THE LINK: http://www.brightstar-movie.com/contest/ My picture, and letter is under the name: "Ashley L, Minneapolis, MN" :-) ;) Again, THANK YOU. And thank you to those who've already voted. I really believe that with positive thinking, and the help of my networks, I CAN DO THIS. :D Ash. xxo


Bottle Bell Photography said...

Thank you soooooo much! I really appreciate you taking the time to do all of THIS!! Warms my heart. | Here's to hoping ;)


Ashley | Bottle Bell Photography

Andrew Thornton said...

Can't wait to see this movie!

RowanDeVoe said...

I still haven't seen it and really want too as well. Seeing movies has been hard for me post "slow down". I have to see it now-even if it is not so great, just to see all the costumes and textiles and details will be amazing-plus all the letters and waiting!