Sunday, May 20, 2007

My little cats

I wanted to introduce my little cats. they are fantastic people! i grew up in the countryside with all kinds of animals and love them all dearly. i have 4 cats now. i found them all as orphans in my little village as kittens. they are each so very uniuqe and funny. love them! my eldest is Pascal Pace Pascal Jean Paul Jean Paul who just turned 6. next is Tobias Greenmoss who is 5. then there's our little girl cat Sister Blackberry Bijou who is 3 and finally our baby Glastonbury Suki Ribina who is 2. here are a few photos of my little lovies. and yes, i am a crazy cat lady.


Lori said...

just found you on oldflowersforme...welcome to blogger!!love the pictures of your cat!!

oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- you familys divine, i love there cloths, ive just dressed my little one up , oh what fun i will put them on flickr as im about to do some of my story .love jo.