Thursday, May 10, 2007

My first post!

This is my first post! i am hoping to inspire and be inspired by sharing my art, stories, dreams and ideas. I am a very visual person so I mostly share with my paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures. I love tea parties, glitter, magic and telling/listening to stories. And I love, love to laugh. I laugh as much as I can and at mostly little things. I can get really down, but little things make me so happy so it all comes with the package. I am including one of my large size monotype prints(about 4x5 feet shadowbox) called "The Twin Saviors" which incorporates many of the things I love- friends, family, faith, magic, history, mystery, costumes and theatre.


oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- welcome to the blogger world do you have a flickr- i would love to sip a glass of champagne and eat a slice of cake with you , hop skip and jump love jo. p.s dont for get to put your lipstick on.

RowanDevoe said...

you are real! how exciting! you seem like a character right out of a fantastic book. i don't have flickr but should get it as i love to share photographs. how fun to find a sweet person like you who adores cake and champagne- i am partial to cupcakes, but anykind will do! yes! i love lipstick- mosty berry stains my favorites are called "black honey" and "current stain"-ooh, i also love my "pomegranite" lipgloss. you seem to be the most fun of mums! and, i adore your blue/lilac claw foot tub and tile floor. i love all your little shrine-like areas in your home as well. i love to arrange my home as a museum. it is never finished and that is the fun part! must find a flower for my hair as well. take care and look forward to seeing and reading more from you. do you have a website and sell your art? love your colleges and little pillows.

oldflowers4me said...

hello darling i had to come back- hay have you ever smelt - from the body shop - i carnt get it in australia but you may be able to as i got my last bottle fom london- its called, tabacco flower, its a spray perfume, mmm its divine. love jo.