Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Auction of Gorgeous Jewels to Help the Faerie Queen!

Money is still being raised for Lisa Stock's Film Trilogy about the Faerie Queen "Titania" which I mentioned in my last post.  Now, you can go to Ebay and bid on a set of gorgeous pieces made by Jen Parrish of PARRISH RELICS
This Set includes an amazing head Piece and a gorgeous necklace both handmade by Jen without molds out of a special clay that she fires and then applies layers or gold finishes on.  She also uses semi precious stones as well as crystal beads in these pieces.  She has made one set for the Ebay Auction and one for the lead character of Titania to be worn in the movie.  You can check out the pieces at the ebay auction HERE
Here is your chance to own a pieces of Titania's own Faerie Jewelry! Fit for a Queen!