Sunday, May 9, 2010

Calling All Lovers of the Fae and Fairy Tales! Please Support Lisa Stock's Amazing Indie Film Project!

Lisa Stock is an amazing film maker and story teller.  She is desperately trying raise funds for her Titania Film Trilogy and she needs your support NOW!  There are only a few days left for folks to donate to her Kicktstarter Project which you can find out more about donating HERE.

Here is some information about Lisa and her projects:

Lisa Stock is a writer and filmmaker working in the mythic arts. She pulls her stories from a varied background in theater, film, and anthropology. Her films include:
THE MEDISAGA TRILOGY (Titania, Purgatory, Neptune)
THE SILENT NICK AND NORA (screened in London - Rotoreliefs Series, Cannes - Short Film Corner, New York - Big Apple Film Festival)
BROTHER AND SISTER (featured in numerous online and print media)
DAPHNE & THE WILD HUNT (online series premiering in May 2010)

Lisa is also the author of the novella “The Sun”, and the popular online Victorian/Steampunk allegory "Through the Cobweb Forest”. She lives online at, and lives offline in New York City.
"I do think that your work delves into the questions of what fairy tales can tell us as women's tales more deeply than nearly any other contemporary artist that I know about."
-Daniel Fusch, Editor, Dantes Heart Journal of Myth, Fairy Tale, and Fantasy


 Even a gift of $5.00 is of great help.  Thank you!

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