Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Been Sick, Let's All Slow Down!

Hi All,
I have been gone and very much out of it. Things have shut down in my studio because I am very sick and will be for a few more months healing if I am lucky. I have had to slow way down and am staying with my twin and her family. My dear little cats "The Littles" are staying with my younger sister and having a ball. I miss them so very much. Soon, I hope I can see them more(I was able to see them once since my hospital stay and it was wonderful).

This is where I talk about my illness so look away if you must! I have colitis and was rushed to the hospital in extreme pain. I won't go into all that, but it has been the result of me pushing through projects when I should have taken a break or stopped, skipping meals, and generally treating myself more like a robot then a human. When I got to the hospital I was suffering from extreme dehydration, malnourishment and exhaustion in addition to having a really messed up lower digestive tract-it just hadn't been used in about 2 to 3 years.

Slowly, we all hope I will get better so I can do my thing down here, but the big message is PUT YOURSELF FIRST! I always hated that saying because I never knew what it meant. It sounded selfish and vague. Now, I can tell you what it means in specific examples. So, stop at least 3 times a day and eat something healthy, keep a big bottle of water with you at all times(I did this part but it is not enough alone), keep healthy snacks around you so you don't have to think about what to eat. If you are working on a big project and getting tired STOP! Take a break, take a walk, look through a favourite book or magazine, do some yoga, talk to a friend, goof off, LAUGH SO HARD SOMETHING SPEWS OUT YOUR NOSE!, go back to it later-don't push through your fatigue or hunger-that will lead to illness and pain. If you kids are screaming, still make sure you eat something, get dressed and all of that first and then help them. It all sounds so simple but it is also so simple to not do these things and just say, "I'll wait just 30 minutes late" which turns into an hour. We have all done it.

So, for the New Year, I so hope everyone just slows down-even a little bit. Slows down in their personal lives, slows down when they are driving, slows down when they are shopping, and just stops and thinks, "I will slow down and just be kind, say Hi to this person while I am waiting in line at the post office" instead of huffing and puffing and racing around. Life would be so much better for all of us. My wish is that everyone stops running around like there is a fire somewhere to put out(unless of course there actually is a fire).

Be Well and Take care! Take a Break! And yes Red-Handed, this is "Long-ish" 'cause I like it that way! Hehe!


Firuzan said...

My Dear Rowan,
I hope you have a swift recovery as soon as possible. Your words are so true.I totally agree with everything you said. Sometimes we forget to put ourselves first.O Its diffucult to follow this. There is also a book about life's rythm. It says follow the rythm do not rush things. We love you. We are thinking and praying for you that you get better. We are dreaming that, we will be seeing you in Turkiye one day. Lots Of Kisses,love you my darling friend. I'm missing you. I will write to you.

Fleur de Boheme said...

I´m sorry to hear you are ill. Your words are true - we all push it too much sometimes.

I hope you get better soon and can move back together with "The Littles" - they will help you to get well again! Having lots of pets myself I know how hard it is to be without them, but good they are having a ball at your sister´s.

Take care! And have a nice and quiet Christmas!

Bye, Kirsten

Narrative jewelry said...

Rowan, i am so sorry to read this sort of post from you, and at the same time happy to see you are better now. As Firuzan said, we love you, we need your wonderful spirit, we need you !
So, take care, the "littles" are waiting for you too.


Andrew Thornton said...

Feel better! Rest and recover!

RowanDeVoe said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. This the "rush around time of year" but it doesn't have to be. I hope you all can slow down and just enjoy and stay out of the hospital! Stay well!

the lemonade girl said...

omg-my arms are open -come to fairy cake pond-f-s-hold my hand-get well-ive been away in bali and have just sat down to read what is happening in your world, i love you-what can i do to help you-im so sorry -and why do i live so far away...

Ligeia said...

Oh missy , Im really sorry you're going through all of this pain :(
I really hope you recover as soon as possible and from now on you better start treating yourself better or I will go to your place and point you with my finger (as grandmas used to do hehehe)

seriously, all my love goes to you

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you little jo! you can help by telling me stories of fairy cake pond and all the fun we will have there and what beautiful dresses we will be wearing and all that magic. i am glad you had a lovely vacation to bali and am thinking of you and yours as well!

thank you dear eva! ha! yes, do point your finger at me-i need it! love you and hope that all is going well with you!

Carol Anne Strange said...

So sorry to hear that you haven't been well, Merle. I'm sending you lots of love, hugs, and healing for restored health and well-being. Your post is a timely reminder that we all need to look after ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness so that we can do the work we are here to do. So, slowly-slowly, all is well and all will be well. Sending you Yuletide greetings and all that you wish for in the New Year. Love xx

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you carol anne! i hope all is well with you too. my mom called me last in huffing and puffing after trying to hurry and clean and bake things for a party today-i told her she had already forgotten my big emergency trip to the hospital! the holidays should be fun, not perfect. my younger sister sent me photos from her work with a good example-all the guys went out and bought those awful holiday santa sweaters-some from the women's department and they are running around having a blast wearing them and making fun of each other-sounds like my kind of fun! wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful new year full of wonderful creativity.

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh Sweet and extremely talented Rowan, my thoughts are with you and I thank you for your thoughtful message to all the folks who are just running too fast! I know so many of them. The VERY FEW of us who do take the time for ourselvesn end up feeling guilty a lot of the time because we feel the pressure that we will be judged as too laid back or lazy! Well, I've always been a nonconformist when it comes to that! I must have time for my art, my family and do what feels right for my soul. I am glad to hear you are being taken care of and that your babies are in good hands. Relax and do your best to enjoy the holidays. You are such a treasure.
Take good care,

Rebecca said...

Oh I am so sorry to read your post; your busy life has run you into the ground and now hopefully rest and care can lift you back up. Take it gently and easy with yourself.

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks so much holly-you are to sweet! i plan on spending 2010 relaxing each day and laughing with friends over a cup of tea just to sit back for a minute. you are a treasure as well and i hope that all is well with you!

thank you rebecca! so far, i try daily to take it easy and i fail and i push it too much. it is so much harder than you think! i will get the hang of it! i hope all is well with you-happy holidays and new year!

sleeping poet said...

So sorry to hear that you've been ill. I wish you all the best and that your period of recovery is restful and joyous. Thank you for sharing this much-needed advice with us; it's really important to remember that we are human, and not machines. Work must be balanced with rest, the way reality is balanced by dreams.


RowanDeVoe said...

thank you for your kind words sandra. i really think society keeps saying, "you can do it all! keep going!" but we can't which is why so many people are getting so sick so young and there is all this rush with driving and everything else-a lot of unnecessary aggression to "get it all done! now!" which causes illness, accidents and mistakes. i love your last line about reality being balanced by dreams. i think more folks need time to dream as well. wishing you all the best.

6p00e54f096d618834 said...

Yikes~I do hope you fully recover as soon as possible or maybe a slower recovery might be better. I am guilty of all of the things you mentioned, especially the not eating right and exercising and especially not getting enough sleep. I feel like life is passing me by and everything is rush rush and there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish what I want, at times making me a bit unpleasant to be around.
Thank you for the reminder..I can see myself headed down the same path if I don't slow down.Wishing you a good holiday with your family ~sending well wishes your way~!

Heather said...

Oh! My poor little MerleBot! I'm so sorry that you're so incredibly sick, but glad that you are in the care of family and finally getting all the rest you need. I hope you feel better!!
I know just how you feel about the pushing through projects...the last few days I have come to a new understanding about my life and my art and what I want. And the answer is-- to be more selfish and create to ENJOY and not just to produce to sell. It was a hard lesson but one I am looking forward to putting into practice in the new year.
Write me when you have a moment and are feeling well and rested! and know that i wish you a happy happy christmas!~!

thomasenaalicea said...


KatinkaPinka said...

merry hexmas, dear friend! i hope you are feeling well-er and i agree--we should all slow down a bit and just BREATHE. sending healing thoughts your way...