Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Scream Heard Around the World

Finally,She's Ready

The most amazing gift showed up at my door the other day from my younger sister Fox. See, I am turning the big 21(yay! drinks in public!) soon and this gift was on my list of " the most divine pieces of art ever". When I saw how it was wrapped I knew right away what it was and I was so giddy that I almost started crying. Then, I was so overwhelmed that I had to wait a few days to open it to let the whole idea of it sink in. I knew it was one of my favourite paintings done by the artist DJ Berger. You can read about his paintings on his blog HERE
He is also a writ
er(la-tee-da!) so you can also read about his writings too which are also fantastic and can be very funny(some lines of them are etched in my brain! They make me laugh in my sleep! Thanks a lot DJ). OK, I will break down opening this amazing gift, but first here is a photo of DJ himself with his equally talented and gorgeous wife C. They are most definitely the fancy and beautiful people with lots of book learning and smarts.

DJ Berger

His gorgeous wife C

So, first I got this big box of goodness into my house and just looked at it for a few days and debated if I was worthy of what was inside. Then, after a late night at the gallery, I was kind of down and worn out and needed to see something FANTASTIC and decided that the next morning I would opened it so I did. Here I go!

Bienfang-I know you are not in there! There is something far more unique!

OOh! I love this artist! A little sleepy person on the postcard just like me!

Interesting, a conversation between a giraffe with glasses and tiny cat...

Oh my, I can just see the goodness!

Ack, So wonderful my eyes are burning! Must look away!

Here she is! "Finally, She is ready" by DJ Berger.
Mixed media and Oil on canvas, 16x24 inches. Part of the "String Series".
I love this so much! Check out her awesome mask and black lips! OK I just love everything about this painting!

Here it is from another angle. I just really love her-more than I can explain. Currently, I take her from room to room so I can stare at her. I drag her around like a blankey or something!

Remember this piece? DJ also did this one of me based on one of my photographic self portraits-the ones of me in the feather duster turned headdress. I love it so much and think I look gorgeous with that adam's apple and mossy green skin-seriously! This one is titled "The Adventure Friendship Costume Club". Wait, I don't think I got that title right. Anyhoo, this one sold-BOO! Anyway, DJ left some cryptic message about the Tooth Fairy or something. I love how I look like a wounded soldier because I feel like one. I have worked in Vet hospitals(war vets, not animals) because I felt like I was with my people. I would surely be the soldier who would run the opposite way though and be a total pain.

Anyway, Thanks DJ! I will build you that Art Shack! Red right? It can be for your bigger paintings and the "man room". I can do that and my twin and friends say I am really good nanny too so it will all work out fabulously!


red-handed said...

Wow. Or ... :0 ...

You win. You win the prize for most enthusiasm. That's awesome, Merle.

I'm so glad it made it to you in good shape!

RowanDeVoe said...

no, you win for most awesome art and funny one liners, well whole sentences that make a story liners! you packed the painting really well so no problems. i am assumed you meant for me to have that cat that came with it right? so, i need to get my next show up by 10 oct and then i will head on up to start the art shack for you-how does that sound? it will be wee, that's all you need-it will have a divine system of levers and pullies to maximize the space. i am so excited about that and the painting!
thanks again!

Jennifer said...

How beautiful! I must see it in person. Mr Fox rocks!

Heather said...

what an awesome present! Go kimi! these paintings are both beautiful, love the one of you have that one too? you need it!~

Alicia Istanbul said...

Beautiful paintings! Isn't great to finally get something that you've loved and wanted so badly? Happy 21st :)

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks everyone! the one of me already sold, but dj is being weird and saying that easter bunny may have it so who knows and yes, mr. fox does rock and roll! i am so very excited to go out for my first drink in public! yay 21!
(ok, that lie was just too easy to tell! hehe! it worked last year and the year before and the year before that-if it doesn't work this year it will be a sad year indeed! i have been '21' for about 20 years and all i can say is STAY OUT OF THE SUN! i really don't know. i think being a vampire has A LOT to do with it. hehe.).

allison said...

happy 21st :)!! and so wonderful gifts!

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you allison! i *hear* 21 is so much fun! hehe.
take care!

joanne May said...

Hi Merle,
Thank you for all your very kind words.;)
I love this fox painting. Wonderful, magical colours. I'm into fox images at the moment too and I have been making some fox jewellery!
I hope all your exhibitions go really well sweetie!
All best fairy wishes, Jo.xx