Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting the Shows Together

The show at Big Hat Book and Arts Gallery opens this Friday night and we are almost ready-pretty much ready-we will be ready! I will get some photos tomorrow hopefully. This show will be up until 10 October and I am showing in my dolls and mixed media photo shadowboxes. My next show for El Dia de Los Muertos at the Indianapolis Art Center. I am working on the self portrait photographs as my ancestor Lydia for that show still. I am still not sure about them. I want to do the photos rather then a painting or monotype because I feel it will really make her "real" instead of a story if that makes sense. I also hope that having them really large will give people that feeling too. I plan on having an antique mirror up so people can look at themselves too and see how we are all very much the same.
(FYI-if you haven't been following my other posts, Lydia is one my ancestors who were hung for being a witch in Salem MA around 1620-I am doing my altar for her to show that she wasn't a witch but just a person who the victim of stereotypes and scape goats among other negative things. I also want to make this altar to her just full of light, nature and beautiful just for her.) Here are some recent photos. I will probably take them all over again! I do this all the time! Hope all is well with everyone else!


EderaJewelry said...

Hey Merle--
This is such a beautiful series of photographs--love the inspiration too! We just got back from our honeymoon, and now we're turning around and heading to SC to visit Ted's family! I've been thinking about you though and will write you a nice long letter once I get back!

Talk to you soon--

mamabeaks said...

I really love these photos, i know that the show will be great!

Carol Anne Strange said...

Wishing you a super-fantastic show, Merle! I think bringing Lydia to life again through the self-portrait photos will be a magnificent tribute to your ancestor. Be the dreamer and the dream! Catch up with you soon. Much love and magical light. xx

Heather said...

these are stunning, so glad the show was such a success!~

Alicia Istanbul said...

Beautiful pictures. I would love to see some of your altar dedicated to Lydia.

joanne May said...

Beautiful photos Merle...Good luck with the show and very best fairy wishes!;)
I think Lydia would of approved of a show in her honour.
Love Jo.x:)

Malgorzata Maj / Sarachmet said...

lovely photos and I keep my fingers crossed for the show, best!