Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girls Flying! Caught on Film!

People can fly! And, they don't need wings to do it! I was surprised to catch these photos with my little manual 35mm Pentax camera-I only got one shot and then I had to wind the film myself before the next shot. I love the look of joy on my friends faces. At first I thought it was only something my younger friend could have, but then I see the look of freedom and fun on my friend's face who is my age and I realize this magic and whimsy is for everyone. Go out and get some for yourself! It's free!


Sophia Rose said...

"Flying" looks like alot of fun!!
Great shots!

CatHerder said...


red-handed said...

No fair -- I never get to jump off Doric columns.

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks catherder!

red-handed-first, i am very impressed that you know your columns! and, i think you need to give the jumping off one a go-i would be more than happy to take your photo-you could maybe even wear a cape and a mask-fantastic!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful t would be to have these prints somewhere where they can be viewed each morning:)

Thanks for your post the other day. I hear you with regards to feeling like you're on the brink of something new..I think quite a few people are feeling that in their personal and artistic lives. I think you'll find it as I believe those you continually seek to better themselves and their work always find what they're meant to do :)
Hope your week is wonderful and creative!

Julie Collings said...

fabulous photos! really incredible, i am so amazed with the feeling of freedom you have captured. almost as if gravity was absent for a brief moment.
thank you for so many lovely comments on my blog and for nominating me for the sisterhood award, i am thrilled.
you mentioned my profile photo. i was goofing around in the drive-up waiting for our slushies snapping shots of the kids and my husband and tried to take a picture of myself. who would guess it is one of my favorites.
happiest spring wishes, julie

sam said...

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