Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Paintings

I have finished some new paintings. I did these super fast and it kind of shows. I am not so happy about how these turned out. I think I need a little break from art, but my break from art is doing art! I am hoping a friend who is the "Organization Fairy" can come and help me get my studio back together. I just went through a doll and shadowbox/collage/photography frenzy so I need to get everything back together!

The Holidays have been hard. This is the first year for me being single after several years of marriage. It is hard to figure out where I fit in. I was looking back on my yearly family portraits(that I always do around this time) and it is odd how things have changed. I look a little sad this year or maybe just different(ok, I am older-my face is sinking! As my mom said at my age, 'Wow! I have cheek bones!').

I am so happy to have all my Little cats(I call them 'The Littles') still with me-that is a huge gift as they are just such joyful creatures and so funny and loving. Here are some portraits from Christmas and Holidays past which mark my singleness, 2 cats, 3 cats and more, married and then back to single, but always with my little cats-grateful for my "Cat Children"!

And, here is this year's(with all 4 black cats-I started out with 1 and kept finding them as orphaned kittens. I guess I should introduce them in the order they showed up: 1)Pascal Pace Pascal Jean Paul Jean Paul, 2)Tobias Greenmoss, 3)Sister Blackberry Bijou-our only little girl! and 3)Glastonbury Suki Ribina-and, only 1 of them was black as a kitten-one was a bald kitten(!), one was gray and one was brown and cream striped so who knew!).

I am not so happy with it-I look mean! I want to somehow fix my face and I might as well add a "doo-dah" or fun headpiece or tiara on my head because if I can't wear one in a painting, when and where else can I? I suppose I should just wear one everyday and celebrate like the Fae Folk do!


Heidi Alfonzo said...

totally incredible!!

CatHerder said...

Oh Merle, theyre all gorgeous!

Heather said...

your paintings are wonderful! What a good idea to do the portraits each year....even if you're feeling down...its a record of where you've been. You're a fantastic artist. May you find peave and happiness in 2009!

divaforever said...

I love your new paintings - they are so beautiful!

Rosa said...

Oh, I love them all!

RowanDevoe said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! I really appreciate them!
take care!