Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Recent Show and Other News in "Merle World"

My Pixie Dust Vial Necklaces In the Indianapolis Art Center's Calender~

"Merle Art" for the Holidays in the Indianapolis Business Journal~

A few of my Dolls at the Ashland Gallery Winter Show including 1)Sleeping Beauty, 2)Nantock(named after George Sand's country home) and 3)Cafe Ole Tomme(named after my friend Ole Tomme who is a Massai Warrior from Massailand, Kenya-to him, the thought of mixing hot milk and coffee together was just disgusting so I jokingly called him 'Cafe Ole'. He loved my art and asked me to make a 'Big Pink Dancing Doll' that he would like so here she is-with a coffe cup on her head!) next to a woodcut print of a flying TV!

I have been sick again with migraine/sinus stuff-not fun and it sure slows down everything. I can't believe Christmas is so soon-I'm not ready!

Last weekend I went to the opening of a new show of my dolls. There were 2 other artists at this show as well- a printmaker who did all these great etchings and woodcuts of flying TV's and a photographer who takes the most gorgeous photographs of old tractors(circa 1940s and 1950s-just like the one I drove growing up which is still working!). So, it was a crazy sounding mix, but it all worked well together. I took my camera, but only took a few photos. I am always too busy gabbing away. I know someone was taking photos so I hope to see those.

I have 10 dolls in the show but managed to take photos of 3 of of them and really wanted to get photos of all the great folks there and of the gallery itself. It has just opened and was an house that was built in around 1920. They did a great job of remodeling it for a gallery while keeping all the charm of the original home. The little girl who grew up there came back as an old woman and gave it her approval which is great!

I was also lucky enough to get some of my art written up in some IN magazines and journals as gift ideas for the Holidays and my recent shows have been written up. I have some photos from one of the articles. This has been good because it has lead to new opportunities(I get to built my own version of 'My Pretty Pony' for a charity event in Feb! That will be fun! I plan on making a big one!).

So, I am kind of plugging along. I don't feel like I am doing much. I guess I make a bunch of stuff and then it all goes away and I forget about it. I have new drawings inked and ready for monotypes and paintings so I need to get those started(so hard to get started!). First, I have to finish making holiday gifts-everyone is getting my art whether they are sick of it or not! My 4 little cats will be getting balls of wrapping paper and they can't wait!


Heather said...

you are doing so awesome! i am so proud of you! You go girl :D

imwithsully said...

Indianapolis Art Center... and all the magazines. Wow! That is nice recognition. You deserve it!

RowanDevoe said...

thanks tasha pixie!

thanks imwithsully! it is so great to meet you! someone here! yippee!