Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here I go again

I am finished with my paintings and photographs for the new shows and with just over a week to go am just now getting to 2 of the new dolls. Yikers! I just got their wings done and their bodies attached to the cages today. Their hands are drying now. Now I need to get to work on their bodies and gowns. More photos of my progress soon hopefully! I have fancy updo's and headpieces planned for these ladies as well. These girls are for a spooky Edgar Allan Poe/Emily Dickinson/Halloween inspired show. I have really let my house go as far as putting stuff away and cleaning to get all of this done which is just yuk!


CatHerder said...

I would love those green dreads for my hair :-)

When and where is the show?

farmerjulie said...

Good morning Merle!! love these!!

RowanDevoe said...

thanks catherder and farmerjulie!

this show is going to be at the Indianapolis Art Center from October 10-Noverber 15 with the big Dia de Los Muertos Celebration on November 15.
take care, merle

H.D. Campbell said...

me likey :)