Friday, September 19, 2008

El Dia de Los Muertos-The Day of the Dead

El Dia de los Muertos(The Day of the Dead) is coming up(November 2nd). I am doing a show for it once again which I always love to do. This is a day celebrated in Mexico to honour your deceased loved ones and filled with flowers, food, dancing and fun rather than the gore of Halloween here. It is a day when the living and the dead can play together which I find really inspiring. In the past I have made altars to my deceased pets, my grandmothers, and my grandfathers. This year I have only made a tiny shrine to end of my marriage which happened at the end of 2007 and hurt like a death. I am instead doing a show of Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickison inspirted art this year to add with my little shrine. Here are some photos of the past and present works.


Sandra Evertson said...

Your shrines are Fantastic! Beautifully painted portraits too! I especially love that they get chocolate!
Sandra Evertson

RowanDevoe said...

Thanks Sandra!
The Grandfathers got hersey bars as they loved them and the grandmothers got tea and russian sweets. I left catnip and dog bones for the pets!

CatHerder said...

Love them.....omg those cats take my breath away!

CatHerder said... the shrine to the there a significance to the number "2" at the top? And is that Glas's kitty tag???? Theyre all so beautiful i am in awe.....

RowanDevoe said...

thanks terri!
the number 2 is printed on a paper leaf-kit made the centerpieces for our wedding and they were amazing-he found tiny garden urns, glued fake bird's nest to the top and then put fake robin's eggs in the nexts. then he printed out the table numbers on paper leaves and wired them to the nests with beads and surrounded the whole thing with several moroccan tea lights. for me it is significant because he went to so much trouble making these gorgeous center pieces, yet later he said he never cared about me or our wedding-i mean, who would put that much care and detail into something if they didn't really want to?

i have glas' old name tag in there also because it has kit's last name on it and our old home phone number. again, kit found glas and loved him and we had tags made for all the littles with our last name-my married name on them. then later kit said that he never cared about any of the littles which doesn't fit with him bringing home 2 of them and having these tags made to keep them safe and how he played with them and took them to the vet and more. so, they are all just reminders of the guy he was-the guy i married who tells people now that he never loved me and he also denies to most of the new people in his life that he was ever married to me. it is fine if he doesn't want to be married to me anymore. i just can't take him saying that none of it happened. that makes me really sad as we did have a good life together and i don't know what changed in him or what happened. sad stuff!

Anonymous said...
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