Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Art to Make and I Can't get Started!

I am having a show of my photographs, paintins a just a few dolls for El Dia de Los Muertos at the Indianapoli Art Center. I can see it all in my head so clearly. I have the photos picked out, the painting started as drawings, and I spent all day yesterday gathering supplies. Now I just need to start!

I am usually out swimming and doing other stuff like in the summer, but this summer has brought me a lot of migraines and just kind of feeling ick and down so I am as white as a ghost(not that I tan but, I am usually out doing something). I have been hiding in my lair gathering ideas.

Now, I wish my 4 little cats would just do the work bit for me and hang the show! They have seen me do this so many times- I am sure they can take things over from here. Pascal is looking very distinguised with his first white whisker! OK, this is what I do when I procrastinate-talk about my cats!

My only little girl cat, Sister Bijou, turned 5 this month! I can't believe that little brown checked dress ever fit her! Pascal looks quite royal wearing that beaded headpiece I made for a friend's wedding, Tobias Greenmoss looks especially handsome in his pink beret, and the whole "Bring me a shubbery!" photo crack me up! A friend sent it to me. OK, I need to stop being a crazy cat lady and try to get some sleep and get going!


Heather said...

Love to you! I know you will get it done-- you always do! Oh, I just know it will all be amazing. Cant wait to see your beautiful art :)

RowanDevoe said...

thanks heather. i going to scrap my original plans and just make paper bag hats for the littles! it will be a hit!