Sunday, August 3, 2008

I can't get anything done!

I am currently stuck with a notebook full of ideas for a "Dia de los Muertos" show that I have coming up in October. I will have a gallery show of my photographs, and have an altar up with monotype portraits of 2 dear friends I have lost recently-this will be hard, but I plan on making my altar all sparkly and pretty and setting a table with champagne and special treats for them. It is hard because they were around my age when they died. Life doesn't always make sense-well, rarely does it make sense the older I get.

I have a new digital camera and I am scared of it! I am scared I can only do photography with film and printing my own images by hand. I need to try to get up to speed and see if I can do digital though. I am excited because a book with my photographs is almost ready to be sold! It is through a Flickr photo group I am in-The Female Self-Portrait Artists Support Group book. This is a big whoo for me. I still don't feel that I deserve it as I have taken self portraits for years, not really because I have wanted to but because I have lived a pretty solitary life. Will see how it all goes.

So, I have just been making more plaques, trying to figure out etsy, making more jewelry-just little stuff-nothing new or amazing for now. Anyway, these are my newest plaques. I need to get going on some stuff! I mainly want to hide more and more. Not sure what is wrong with me. Summer is not my season.


Ro Bruhn said...

I've just discovered your blog, I love your plaques, your paintings are beautiful. I adore colour and you certainly know how to use it.

RowanDevoe said...

Hi Ro!
Thank you for your comment. I have tried recently to tone the colour down and then look what I have gone and done-all these crazy plaques! I used to live in Mexico-that is the place for colour!
take care,
merle of rowandevoe