Monday, August 20, 2012

Many New Photographs in My Etsy Shop

Summer has flown by once more.   I have been trying to simplify all the names that my art and I have become known for and that has been a lot harder than I thought.  So, all you folks who know me as "Rowan DeVoe", I am still Rowan DeVoe! Love to hear and see your letters to me addressed, "Dearest Row, ".  I am also still that girl "Merle" as well.  I have changed my Etsy shop Merle Pace Arts , but I will keep this blog "Rowan DeVoe" because, in true "Merle" fashion, things will always be a bit confusing with me.
I have been adding more and more photographs to my Etsy Shop, so please go and check them out!  I am including many different styles from my very vintage looking portraits in Sepia covered with layers of dust to my Faerie works in vibrant colours. I will always have pieces with a Pre-Raphaelite feel to them.  This collection of photographs is one that I am always adding to.  I will include a few for your viewing pleasure in this post!
"Girl of my Beginning"
(taken at the gorgeous place where I grew up)
Hopefully I will get going on some new projects this Fall with my paintings, monotypes and new Art Dolls.  My nephews are already back in School!  They are 10 and 6 now and getting bigger all the time.  They had a great summer and for the last several weeks we have been pirates ship-wrecked in their back yard.  So exciting and I'm not kidding! Those boys are awfully clever at creating amazing things from the left over pieces of the ship. I am hoping the beautiful freckles they have across their noses will last a while~fantastic reminders of our Summer fun together(and yes, plenty of sun-block was used!).
Wishing you Bloggers The Best!
Withing loving kindness,


Ivy Long, Edera Jewelry said...

Love the "Sabine" photo, Merle! Also love the new background on your blog--looks like Fortuny pleats?

RowanDeVoe said...

Thank you Dearest Ivy, and yes, they are Fortuny silks-had to have them up!