Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photos of Magical Creatures in My Shop

I have two new self-portrait photographs in my Etsy Shop depicting magical creatures from much loved Folk and Fairy Tales.  I can always see the character I want to portray in my head.  The hard part for any self-portrait photo is making it all come through the lens.   This is harder for some photographs than others. 
After thinking about it for some time, I finally took a chance and made myself into a "Selkie"-a Creature of Irish and Scottish Myth who is Seal while in the Sea and Woman on land.  This final version is in my Etsy Shop now.
"The Selkie"
We shall never speak of how I took this self-portrait photograph after this post.  It involved me building a "beach" and my own little sea in my house, hours of  crying(me), figuring out lighting(natural), getting all my costumes right, tons of vegtable oil, big storage bins of water, about 4 fans, 10 vintage mirrors and 4 little cats who decided they wanted to be in the photograph which made the 10 sec. timer run a wreck. 
"The Faerie's Treasure Trove"
Whew!  This one was a whole lot easier.  This is just what I look like and where I live so no Big Whoo.  Waving "Hi!" at all of you folks in Blogland from my little Treasure Trove home.
Hope all is well with all of You!
With Loving, Kindness,

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