Monday, August 2, 2010

New Photographs Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites-Art and Letters

I haven't been up for art much lately, but I am trying! This new set of photographs was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites(yes again!) and my love of my glass pen and sepia ink brought back to me from Italy by my dear friend and former printmaking professor.  She knows me too well!  I was inspired by this JohnWilliam Waterhouse Painting.
My series is more "Writing Letters"(with one of my light up Art dolls and one of my framed Paintings in the background) than the Sorceress in this Painting, but what a beautiful inspiration! I was also inspired by the arrival of a lovely Relic piece of Jewelry by Jen Parrish of Parrish Relics Jewelry which I love! They always inspire a new series of photograhs so thank you Jen! Here are the other photographs from the series as well as Jen's Relic.
Thank you Jen! This piece is "Margarita of Florence" and I adore it! you will find her pieces on Etsy now.
As always, that was a lot of set up, wardrobe and monkey business for just a few photos, but that is me!  And yes, it all went down in my crazy house which is very old and full of unique archs and other magickal details.
This is also why my whole life my clothes are more a collection of costumes and vintage pieces than anything else. This is also why I have collected this and that from antique stores and places all over the world with the thought, "OOh, this doo-dah will look cool in a photograph!".  Just don't expect me to wear anything but a black t-shirt, jeans and black boots in "real life" but, do come on over and for tea and I can tell you some stories about all the "doo-dahs" as they fill every nook and cranny. Hope you are all well!


Carousel Dreams said...

You are an enchantress...your photos are so beautiful...I love them all x

Delila Jemaiel said...

these photos are so very beautiful!!
i was glad to see your post again.

RowanDeVoe said...

Tina! what a lovely comment! i think i can "play" an enchantress, but as soon as the camera *clicks* i totally laugh at myself-if someone was with me, it would be so much worse! i think though that is a good thing that i can crack myself up-by myself! yes, trying to get back into blogland-i love you all so much! xo!

DELIA! i have missed you! thank you for your sweet email! the boys(especially the little one-he gets so giddy when take him away-just the 2 of us-for a secret meeting about magick). he fell and bumped his head and was screaming and crying and his dad was trying to calm him down, but i told dad to back up, i touched his head once with your magick acorn and said, 'it will be better now' and he got a big smile on his face and said, 'magick acorn cured me!' how can you not love that? hope all is well with you!

Heather said...

Wow, these photos are so dreamy and beautiful! and Jen's relic is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!~!

Christine said...

Lol..I'm laughing at that last bit because that's what I wear (sandals in the summer). I love the clothes you do wear for you photos~I think all of us who love your work dream about wearing that and your photos invite us to daydream about being a women in another era. You are creating counts as art~it takes a lot of work to come up with ideas, set up, edit,etc. Your photos are fantastic~I just love the mood and the colors are so lush!

RowanDeVoe said...

Thank you Christine! Some folks think I actually dress like I do in my photos! You should see me at the end of a photo shoot. I can't get those clothes off fast enough and scrub my face and put it up in a bun! I also prefer not to wear any jewelry except for fancy stuff and I do wear sandals in the summer, but they are chacos-the waterproof kind with velcro just like my nephews-I love taking them shoe shopping! I would love to take your photo-I have collected many vintage clothes that are my "Frida Clothes" as well as Frida jewelry-one client I made a big doll for me gave me pre-colombian beads(!) in addition to paying me. I love these eclectic clients who not only appreciate my art but want to pass on something special they own because they feel no one in their family will appreciate it like I will. So much more to tell you! More later!

CatHerder said...

OH MERLE i want to copy the one of you under the MAGIC letters and frame it for my workbench next to your art you have sent me..thats gorgeous!!!!