Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm gonna Let It Shine...

 THIS is so seriously funny and so dear at the same time! Thank you Red-Handed!

Hey DJ! This one is just for you!  It's me with little itty bitty Tobias Greenmoss!  And, we are both wearing new headdresses! We look so darn FIERCE don't ya think?  Aren't you so excited!  Well, of course you are!  Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!
Anyway, I have to thank my crazy(seriously) friend DJ for an amazing package he sent me months ago. This winter was a hard one and his package of his original Art and Writings was just the most awesome thing to find in the mail.
He sent me a beautiful Pre-Raphaelite postcard, a very cool fold out original story that he wrote and illustrated all on one piece of paper which folds out(fantastic illustrations!  fantastic story!) and one of the coolest biz cards I have ever seen.  It also folds out and includes several of  his very unique line drawings.  Fabulous!
Also included was a hand painted Date Book(he doesn't understand that I see this as a work of art and would rather frame it then scribble appointments inside it but he is dense like that-oh well).  And, I love this super cool calender with magnents on the back.  It has a gorgeous painting behind the calender.  Gorgeous colours and I always love a masked person(in art, not some boogie man in my house or anything like that) and this mysterious lady has a gorgeous plum coloured mask on.  My twin will want this but she can't have it!
But wait, that's not all!  One of the biggest mysteries wrapped in a riddle was yet to be seen!  It was this innocent looking journal-no big whoo right?  Oh no, the cover of this journal is top secret!  My twin, younger sister and 2 boy cousins have made a religion around this saying on this cover-no kidding!  It started when we were very young.  It was our mantra and benediction.  We repeated it over and over and often mixed up the parts as a test of faith.  We each get random phone calls to this day.  They are very brief and very mysterious.  The person on the other end will simple say, "A loaf of stick" and hang up.  We all nod in silence knowing that our secret is still strong and that we are keeping the faith.  We all know that this saying will bind us more than blood, more than duty.  It is etched on our brain(well, we tried to etch it on each others' brain with the light bright, but that is a whole different story).  Say it proudly and loud or silently mumur it, but never stop!  A LOAF OF BREAD, A CONTAINER OF MILK, AND STICK OF BUTTER! So mote it be...
Tevlin! You don't have to cry about it!  The force is still strong with us all!  The best thing is when my mom saw this journal that DJ had made.  She picked it up and said right away, "Oh my God!  There is another one of YOU WEIRD KIDS OUT THERE!"  I couldn't stop laughing about that one for days.  Yes DJ, you are now officially ONE OF THOSE WEIRD KIDS OUT THERE!  Prepare yourself.  My cousin Tevlin and I are the only ones who look a bit, well, "unique" and act that way too.  The others are quite normal looking, but don't let that fool you.  Underneath their career clothes, Dr. lab coats and family cars beat the hearts of WEIRDOS!  Welcome to the family!
And, the surprises keep on coming!  Inside of what I thought was the "Weirdo Kids" journal, DJ had actually snuck in another one of his stories called Parachute Man.  Very sneaky indeed.  I have read it forward and it is very good.  I am going to however read it backwards for any secret messages about light bright and the 6 million dollar man or to see if there are instructions for going down to the corner store to pick up a "loaf of bread" wink, wink...
I just may be onto you DJ.  I also wanted to show you some photos of your gorgeous painting "Finally, She's Ready" hanging in my house.  I do love this painting so much!  I call my place "Mo Town".  I think she really suits "Mo Town" and I also think she is in good company.
All kidding aside, Thanks so much for the lovely gifts and your thoughtfulness DJ.  I hope all is well with you and that you are still creating away.  The world needs you Art-both your writing and your paintings and everything in between.  I personally need your humour and I am pretty sure I am not alone in that!


red-handed said...

Merle, you rock, and I love you -- despite the cats.

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks dj! you totally rock and roll and i do love you too-very much. i have confidence that you will come around to love the cats as well for they are what make me so very "cool". otherwise, i would be so weird and ordinary which wouldn't do at all!
wishing you all the best,