Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Few Little Things

Sonja Cross

Back in Whitby

Dark Pool

Little Sister


Thoughts back to my England

I am trying to get going again where I left off with my art before I got really sick at the beginning of December.  A lot of if still is making me tired so I am practicing some digital photography tom-fooler-ly.  Whew!  I don't know what I am doing!  Here are a few examples.  I have also done a few little watercolours, have become work again on dolls that had been set aside and are in various stages and(this is just plain crazy) am still trying to mail out Holiday packages!  I got 2 packages nearly ready to go tonight!  Up next will be birthday packages and trades with other amazing artists who have been too kind and have waited far too long.  I am getting there!  I am very disappointed with my 4 little cats.  I have asked for their help but they just jump in the boxes and take naps.  I shouldn't be so mean.  I am sure this is "help" in their language so bless these little people.  Hope all is well with all you folks in blogland!

Pascal is in the center soaking up the sun!  It is the perfect spot for a nap. 


Carousel Dreams said...

Wonderful work...you have such a gift x

oldflowers4me said...

hello my darling friend...i hope you are starting to get better-sending you a hand full of silver stars....singing and skipping x x x x jo

Carol Anne Strange said...

Fabulous images, Merle. What an inspiration you are. Love and bright wishes to you, dear girl. xx

KatinkaPinka said...

oooh, i would like to curl up with those kittehs in the sun! looks uber-cozy.

i just got around to working on some letters (the hand-written kind) this morning that i should have sent out a month ago...and i've been meaning to email you with all the goings-ons in katinkaville as of late. it's crazy-town here, as usual....but things seem to be looking up. hope all is lovely in your land!


Stella Pesci said...

Hi, Merle...those cats are too much! I'm trying to get a package in the mail to you, and I know what you mean, sometimes it takes a little longer getting it all together! In my case, I'm looking for the right box! I'll e-mail you soon, don't give up:)
I'm glad you're feeling better to work again. It takes time to heal, but I think you'll burst forth with lots of new and wonderful work from all you've been through.
Take care, and hug those cats for me...
Stella xx

天氣晴朗 said...


Wychbury said...

Hi Rowan,LOVE Your blog and your work, I nominated you for a sunshine award :)
Paula x

Wychbury said...

Hi Rowan,LOVE Your blog and your work, I nominated you for a sunshine award :)
Paula x

Christine said...

These images are gorgeous Rowan! Funny how illness, fatigue can play a part in the direction or medium your work takes on. Thanks for your kind words..it's been a strange past few moths for both of us it sounds..I hope this means that something amazing will emerge from our experiences and manifest itself in our attitude and art:)

Your photos are really beautiful..especially the "Becoming Whitby"..it has a haunting "imprinted" quality that reminds me of the work of Ana Mendietta:)

RowanDeVoe said...

Thanks Stella,
I so hope to get more energy soon and I hope that something new will come out of that-I have new ideas at least. And, yes, these little cats do help, but they also make me want to nap too much! Hope all well with you! Squeeze those kittens of your own!

Thanks so much Christine,
I know-it is true, I just can't haul out all the big art supplies and projects right now so smaller and less mess is better-I really need for Fairy Godmother to come and organize my studio for me! And yes, I knew these last months would be a lot but they have been even more than I thought-I am definitely not as young as I used to be! Thanks so much about my photos-what fabulous compliments! Please take care-I am thinking of you.

RowanDeVoe said...

Thanks so much for your comments and the award! I will check it out! I love your art and blog as well-the the mysterious and enchanted nature of your work-it is so ancient and haunting-fabulous combination!
Thanks again!

Queen Of Småland said...

Hi dear,

Beautiful pictures and beautiful cats!
I hope youre feeling better soon and I wish you a joyfull saturday!

RowanDeVoe said...

hello stina!
thank you about the photographs and my little cats. these little cats do such funny things-they drive me crazy but also make me laugh so that is good. i am wishing you a wonderful weekend full of all your favourite things!

Heather said...

Wow...these are GORGEOUS! you have such a great eye my girl!