Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Looking Forward and Back with Just 3 Photos

You can see that we sisters naturally have blondish/brownish/redish way hair but I really dig Jer in this black wig. Huh, something to think about. Who am I kidding, as soon as I did something like this to my hair that was permanent, I would just try to grow it back out so I could put it in some braids.

I love these photos of my twin sister Jer with her beloved little cat Gilligan Pudding. "Gilly" lived to be 30 years old and had quite and adventurous life and was well loved by all of us. In the middle photo, Jer is 8 or 9 and Gilly is about 1 year I think. Jer has dressed up Gilly in a little outfit and I took that photos of both them outside our family's barn. It makes me laugh and smile. The other 2 photos I took of the 2 of them years later. Jer is in her 20s and Gilly is close to 30. Jer is one of my favourite models-she just does what I want her to do without me having to ask(yes, creepy twins) and Gilly is in top form as well. She could sit on your shoulder all day long-while you walked around the woods, while you did your chores, it was pretty amazing. I miss that a lot.

(Oops! One more photo! Here I am dressed as a Medieval Princess with my little Siamese cat Lang who lived to be 14. She was my "Gilly" and I miss her everyday. She taught me a lot about love and patience. And yes, she is wearing a little Damsel Hat!)
These photos say a lot to me. Love your people and be yourself, and focus on what is the most important in life. And, since it all goes so fast you really need to be wise about what you choose to focus on-really it isn't that hard.

I am still pretty sick. I don't want to go into all that. It has been hard for me to slow down which is crazy because I am pretty sure that I was doing nothing important! I have plans too! I want to change this blog all around and to do more art and more kinds of art. I don't think I have learned much yet. I think I will stare at this photo for while longer until I get the meaning better. Wishing you all a wonderful and SLOW 2010!

Love and miss you sweet Gilligan Pudding!


Abby Rogers said...

Hi, I noticed that you listed England as one of your interests. I thought that you might like my new blog: .

As often as possible I will post pictures from beauty spots around Great Britain for the pleasure of all the Anglophiles out there!

Heather said...

Dear Mo
I hope you are getting rest and regaining your strength. You just ran yourself ragged, physically and emotionally. Its time to rest and heal and make 2010 a joyous year!

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks abby,
i can upon england accidentally by way of school and marriage. i am not back in the states and single but i may feel like visiting again at some point in my life.
take care.

thanks tasha pixie,
oh dear, the whole cycle has started again! i am getting ready for round 2-hospital tomorrow.i guess i didn't have enough. hope all is well with you and your family! miss you!

Narrative jewelry said...

Thank you to share with us these lovely photos of a part of your life. Your sister is so elegant and a such beautiful woman. I can't believe Gilligan is 30 !
Sorry to read that you have to go to hospital one more time. Just hope 2010 will see you on good health.
So, i send you my best wishes for this new year Rowan.
With love,

Carol Anne Strange said...

Bright wishes to you, dear one. I hope that 2010 brings you well-being, joy, love, and light. Much love. xx

MaygreenFairies said...

Happy New Year!! Wishing you and yours all the best in 2010. Mandy x

Fairysteps said...

Just a quickie to say so sorry that you have been poorly. Remember, keep your chin up and all will be tickety boo! Dont forget to laugh on a regular basis. Laughter really is the best medicine! Last note which I bet you do already. Buy a very big, thick, special notebook full of crispy new paper and fill it with all of your ideas that you cant put into practice at the moment, they will all be there waiting for you when your health and vitality returns. Happy, healthy new year(s) ahead to you Merle! Ren xxx

kerin rose said...

Merle...wishing you a speedy recovery and bright blessings for 2010!....

and yes, all those large ideas will be waiting for you when you are all re-charged to meet them!

ox k