Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanks Audrey Eclectic!

Heather's Lovely Portrait as a Birthday gift!

My photographic self portrait as my ancestor Lydia~

The Necklace Jen Parrish made for me~

Me wearing Jen's necklace(and one of her bracelets) with one of my cats Glastonbury-the baby!

The portrait Heather did of me with my four little cats "The Littles" all so blue-I love this and Heather's spooky take on the portrait. It is one of my favourite pieces of art ever! I am wearing my Parrish Relics necklace and bracelet.

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from our dear Audrey Eclectic. It was a lovely card based on one of my recent photos I had taken as my ancestor Lydia. What a sweet surprise! It made me think back to another lovely piece that Heather had made for me back in 2006. I love this piece and it hangs in my bedroom. It is a family portrait of me with my 4 black cats only clever Heather coloured them a deep turquoise knowing it is my favourite colour.

I can't even remember how I met Heather now! I really can't! Somehow Jen Parrish of Parrish Relics was a part of it all. After seeing seeing a necklace that Jen had made for me featuring my cats, Heather added this necklace into the portrait and I did my own portrait of Heather with her own kittens. So much has happened since then, but Heather remains the same, sweet friend that I knew back then.

I have enjoyed watching her art grow and as it has become a blooming business. I have been so happy to get the news that a "baby was on the way!" and then to see that baby grow into a beautiful and clever little girl. And guess what? Heather and I have never even met?! Hehe! I really feel like she lives next door. She is just that easy, thoughtful kind of person you can't help but love. I know we are going to fix that someday. I think I might squeeze her to death though!

So, thank you Heather(my 'Tasha Pixie'-she may be tiny but she is a tough one!). Thank you for always thinking of me and thank for you for being you! Wishing you all the best always!
Love you!


staceyjwarner said...

How wonderful...what lovely surprises!

Many blessings!

Carol Anne Strange said...

What wonderful gifts of friendship, love, and art. Lovely to see you, Merle, with baby Glastonbury, and also to see you forever captured in these beautiful works of art. Hope you're in joyful spirits. Much love. xx

CindySowers said...

Happy belated, and you got a lot of really cool stuff, Merle Girl! So, when the house gets too full, you know where to send stuff... :)

Jennifer said...

I love your new portrait. Heather is awesome!

Heather said...

Awww, you're too sweet! It is my pleasure, you have sent me so many wonderful thoughtful things through the years as well :)
I wish you all the best, happiness and love and art! it shall be so!

You are too sweet....

misty said...

love your self portraits, very beautiful & poetic! and yes, we are in poetic terrorism together... i am looking forward to seeing it in person.


RowanDeVoe said...

thanks everyone for your comments and especially little tasha pixie of audrey eclectic(ha! i can remember when we were bouncing around baby names!). i have this new piece up on my inspiration board but it needs a frame!

thank you misty! i haven't gotten the book yet and i really want it-it is so beautiful, ethereal and magickal and, i am excited to be on a page next to your amazing photographs! exciting!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

It is all so beautiful! I've had Heather do a couple of pieces for me and I just adore them! By the way, I used to live in a town called Glastonbury. It's in Connecticut! :) And, of course, England as well.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I loved reading your comment. It was so interesting.